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Working Group Composites in Rail Vehicles

Fiber-reinforced composites are already being used successfully across all industries. Nevertheless, the requirements from aviation, automotive, mechanical engineering, energy technology, civil engineering, etc. are not easily transferable among each other, which is why the CU network also strongly supports industry specific exchange. Accordingly, the CU working group "Composites in Rail Vehicles" stands as a plattform for CU members to adress current and future aspects related to the intersection of composites in the rial vehicle industry and to network with each other within this framework. Specifically, the aim is to engage in pre-competetive exchange via networking events and also to initiate joint projects, for example by holding targeted workshops. Where possible, the WG cooperates in its activities with already established industry associations in order to offer an exchange beyond the CU network.

Head of Working Group

Prof. Dr. Jens Ridzewski

IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Maik Gude

Technical University Dresden Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ulbricht

CG Rail GmbH


Dr. Thomas Heber

Composites United e.V.

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