CARBO-TEX GmbH supports the lightweight construction technology through the development and manufacturing of standard and customized high-performance fabrics.

Equipped with the most modern machinery, an experienced and motivated team works daily to transfer the performance of carbon fiber into semi-finished products with as little loss as possible. This incorporates the latest findings regarding the processing of anisotropic high-performance fibers combined with many years of experience in making carbon fiber woven fabrics. The result are carbon fiber semi-finished products which will meet your expectations in design and performance, and give your company the necessary competitive advantage.

Application fields:
automotive, racing, medical equipment, glider and small aeroplanes, marine, industrial applications



Siemensstraße 1
86695 Nordendorf / Germany


contact:   Jürgen Klimke

office:      +49 8273 99 800 9-10
fax:          +49 8273 99 800 9-99