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Working Group Additive Manufacturing

The research field of additive-generative manufactured components is very broad and currently encompasses the entire value chain from process and equipment technology to materials and novel business models. A variety of topics and intersections with classic fiber composite topics exist. Against this background, the cluster CU Ost will bundle and focus activities in the “Additive Manufacturing” working group. In addition to technology development for additive manufacturing of load-path-compliant fiber composite structures, the focus is also on the cross-material approach. In the future, this should make it possible to build three-dimensional additive structures, for example, in fiber composite-metal mixed construction. A particular challenge here is the targeted adjustment of component properties in order to ultimately ensure the transition from prototype to series production.

Head of Working Group

Jörg Petri

NDC - New Digital Craft

Christian Vogel

ILK TU Dresden

Yannick Willemin

9T Labs AG


Dr. Thomas Heber

Composites United e.V. - CU Ost

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