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Working Group Education, Public Relations and Cooperation with Authorities

The working group brings together stakeholders from the entire value chain in order to raise public awareness of the application potential of fiber reinforced matrices, hybrid technologies and multi-material lightweight design in construction. It is particularly important to work together with representatives from politics, science and industry, to set up training programmes and to cooperate with chambers, associations and further education institutions in order to communicate the content developed.


The main topics of the WG include:

  • Developing and offering seminars, training programmes and further education opportunities
  • Identification and support of research projects
  • Compilation of results from research projects, knowledge transfer
  • Presentation of economic efficiency and costs
  • Information material for the involvement of policy-makers, construction companies and building owners
  • Intensification of cooperation with professional associations and chambers of commerce
  • Expansion of information channels such as homepage and social media for advertising
  • Cooperation with building authorities
  • Cooperation with standardisation bodies, e.g. DIN Institute, VDI
  • Standardisation with DIN SPEC
  • Leaflets, data sheets
  • Measuring methods, characteristic values, testing


Our aim is to develop and provide guidelines/knowledge databases etc. for the use of fiber reinforced matrices in the construction industry. This requires close cooperation with other WGs of the CU Bau network. This joint work with other WGs of Composites United e.V. in the fields of automotive, aerospace, ceramics, politics and sustainability generates an added value that is unique worldwide.

Head of working group

Volker Roth


Roy Thyroff

Network Manager

Composites United e.V. - CU Bau

You can find further up-to-date information on our Website.