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WG Yarns & Textiles

In the working group “Yarns and Textiles”, textile technicians and engineers from the yarn and textile manufacturing industry, textile machine construction, the user sector and industrial and university research work together.

The main goals of the working group are:

  • Exchange of experience between the textile mechanical engineering, yarn and textile manufacturing as well as the users from the composites industry
  • Definition of problems for development projects
  • Elaboration of development projects via project groups
  • Networking with the other working groups of Composites United e.V.
  • Provision and expansion of knowledge regarding yarns, textiles, finishing and textile preforming processes (including binding, cutting, draping, sewing, tufting)

An opportunity for the exchange of experience and the definition of problems for possible development projects is the working group meeting that currently takes place annually in April or May together with the WG Materials. At this meeting, presentations are given and discussed on various topics related to the above-mentioned fields of knowledge. Subsequently, problems are identified and, if necessary, delegated to specific project groups for further work. These project groups organise further meetings as needed to elaborate the problem and corresponding project proposals.

Head of working group

Prof. Mesut Cetin

Institut für Textiltechnik

Augsburg gGmbH


Marcel Hofmann

Sächsiches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V.



Dr. Thomas Heber

Composites United e.V. - CU Ost

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