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WG Artificial Intelligence

In this working group, engineers from manufacturing and testing laboratories meet with computer scientists and mathematicians to exchange ideas on the possible applications and potential benefits of data-driven methods. On the one hand, the focus is on operational data from manufacturing processes, which can be used to visualize the interactions inherent in the technology and to optimize processes. On the other hand, the WG is dedicated to the comprehensive material, semi-finished product and component tests that are required in the composites sector both in development and in quality assurance and approval. These test methods, which are usually complex due to the complexity of the composites materials, can be carried out much more efficiently, especially with regard to logging and evaluation by means of data management. Last but not least, linking the manufacturing history of test specimens with their property determination enables deeper knowledge about the interrelationships in composites technologies. According to the motto “Data. Simple! Use.” the working group is particularly concerned with the topics:

  • Selection and connection of suitable sensor technology and relevant data sources such as QA, ERP, etc.
  • Digitization of processes with manual work components
  • Dealing with continuous processes
  • Support of complex inspection tasks
  • Identification
  • Process improvements based on data analysis
  • Knowledge building and control strategies based on machine learning methods
  • Stumbling blocks and success stories from practice
  • Certificates, component letters and application of the digital twin
  • Data collection and analysis in cross-company value chains
  • Discussion of research questions and project initiation as needed.

Since data is not collected and analyzed as an end in itself but always in a context-related manner, the “WG Artificial Intelligence” pursues the approach of taking up the application fields of other WGs (in particular the WG Automation) in combined events and presenting targeted solution options.

Head of working group

Dr. Hajo Wiemer

Symate GmbH



Dr. Thomas Heber

Managing Director

Composites United e.V. - CU Ost

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