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WG Smart Structures

Multifunctional composites combine optimal structural mechanical performance with a variety of functional properties. The mechanical and diverse physical properties of the multifunctional composite can be specifically adjusted through the clever selection of composite material and active component as well as adapted processing methods.

In the WG “Smart Structures”, particular attention will be paid to the structural aspects of multifunctional composites and the resulting advantages during manufacture and during application. In addition to the field of active composites (sensory, actuator) in the application, the aspects of “smart for manufacturing” or “smart for inspection” will also be addressed. The WG is therefore intended to provide a platform for the joint exchange of experience for all players along the value chain, from the starting materials (FRP, active elements, actuators, sensors) through design, system integration and manufacturing to application. The aim is to pave the way for the relatively young concept of smart structures to be applied through joint development projects and research projects.

Head of working group

Dr. Martin Gurka

IVW GmbH Kaiserslautern


Dr. Heinz Kolz

Managing Director

Composites United e.V. CU West

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