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CU Working Group

  • AG Bemessung und Nachweis - CU Bau

    Wirken in der Bauteil-Prozeßkette von Auslegung , Durchführung bis zur Zulassung; Bereitstellung von Wissen in verwandten Bereichen um den Schwerpunkt Textilbeton; Vermittlung von Analysewerkzeugen mit Anwendbarkeitsgrenzen; Funktionsintegration; Einbindung der Erkenntnisse / des Wissens anderer CU-Arbeitsgruppen

  • WG Sustainability, Health and Circular Economy

    Our aim is to develop and provide guidelines/knowledge databases etc. for the use of fiber reinforced matrices in the construction industry. This requires close cooperation with other WGs of the CU Bau network. This joint work with other WGs of Composites United e. V. in the fields of automotive, aerospace, ceramics, politics and sustainability generates an added value that is unique worldwide.

  • WG Additive Manufacturing

    In addition to technology development for additive manufacturing of load-path-compliant fiber composite structures, the focus is also on the cross-material approach. In the future, this should make it possible to build three-dimensional additive structures, for example, in fiber composite-metal mixed construction.

  • WG Artificial Intelligence

    In this working group, engineers from manufacturing and testing laboratories meet with computer scientists and mathematicians to exchange ideas on the possible applications and potential benefits of data-driven methods.

  • WG Automation

    The Automation WG deals with technical-scientific and economic topics relating to automation in the handling of fiber composites.

  • WG Biocomposites

    In the Biocomposites Working Group, representatives of all relevant materials and processes along the value chain (natural fibre and polymer suppliers, semi-finished product manufacturers, processors, end users, etc.) are to jointly discuss and decide on new products, applications, material, product and process developments. Current materials and products are to be analysed with regard to their performance and economic efficiency. New areas of application and their requirements should be identified. Established production processes should be analysed and possibly optimised or adapted depending on the product and application.

  • WG CFRP in Mechanical Engineering

    The WG CFRP in Mechanical Engineering is pursuing the goal of further establishing CFRP as a material in mechanical engineering and finding new fields of application. Representatives from industry and science meet regularly to jointly identify challenges and develop solutions. Both an intensive exchange on the state of the art and the derivation of collaborative research projects are core tasks of the WG.

  • WG Composite Repair

    With the WG Composite Repair we provide a platform for exchanging user experiences, discussing expert opinions and jointly evaluating the potential of new repair processes. All in the spirit of achieving better results faster with concentrated expertise.

  • WG Composites in Orthopaedic Technology

    The WG Composites in Orthopaedic Technology was founded with the aim of promoting the use of fiber-reinforced plastics in orthopaedic technology and the networking of development and application. Applications made from both fiber-reinforced resins and thermoplastics are considered.

  • WG Composites in Rail Vehicles

    The WG Composites in Rail Vehicles deals with current and future aspects of composites in the rail vehicle industry.

  • WG Education and Training

    The Education and Training Working Group at CU deals with guidelines and facilities for school and vocational training as well as the qualification of specialists for the processing of high-performance fiber composites.

  • WG Education, Public Relations and Cooperation with Authorities

    The working group brings together stakeholders from the entire value chain in order to raise public awareness of the application potential of fiber reinforced matrices, hybrid technologies and multi-material lightweight design in construction.

  • WG Effort estimation

    Improvement of the assessment basis for the cost evaluation of planning and manufacturing activities in the field of fiber composites – in this case CFRP.

  • WG Engineering

    Practically and theoretically oriented engineers work together in the WG Engineering. These come from smaller and larger companies as well as from universities and institutes.

  • WG Fiber Composites for New Building and Rehabilitation

    The working group therefore offers interested builders, architects, engineers, scientists, material and building product manufacturers as well as construction companies a platform for interdisciplinary discussion as well as for the exchange of ideas and experience on all topics relating to the practical building applications of fiber composites. Included are fiber composites with both mineral and polymer matrices.

  • WG Fiber Composites in Wind Energy

    The cluster CU BW established the “Fiber Composites in Wind Energy” working group in October 2014 with a focus on the development and manufacture of rotor blades. Wind energy is one of the major growth industries for the use of carbon fiber materials (CFRP).

  • WG Fire Protection

    The WG “Fire Protection” aims to bundle the activities of the CU in this area across industries. Its goal is to present the current state of the art as well as new developments to interested members. WG meetings and events are organized based on the interest of the members and announced in time in the network.

  • WG Machining

    In the Machining Working Group, scientists and users from university research as well as industrial practice from the sectors of machine tool building, tool making as well as numerous users work together. The focus of the machining working group is the exciting machining of CFRP structures. Other machining processes such as laser machining, waterjet cutting, eroding or related processes are also dealt with here.

  • WG Manufacturing Process Simulation

    The CU working group „Manufacturing Process Simulation“ (in German: Herstellprozess-Simulation) organizes exchange meetings & dedicated events to promote and harmonize the development and use of these virtual manufacturing tools within the product development life cycle. Main goals are to increase awareness of the added value of virtual manufacturing to real product development and to establish interconnections in the engineering community of Manufacturing Process Simulation.

  • WG Pultrusion

    "Pultrusion is the fastest growing application in composites“

  • WG Smart Structures

    Multifunctional composites combine optimal structural mechanical performance with a variety of functional properties. The mechanical and diverse physical properties of the multifunctional composite can be specifically adjusted through the clever selection of composite material and active component as well as adapted processing methods.

  • WG SMC in High-Performance Applications

    “Sheet Molding Compound” (SMC) have been conquering the top of the most processed fiber composite materials in Germany and Europe every year for decades. To date, however, these complex, versatile and proven materials have only been used to a minimal extent for high-performance applications.

  • WG SME

    The SME working group is a CU committee that deals with overarching technological and organizational issues for the continuous improvement of the CU range of services – in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • WG Strategy Circle Sustainability

    CFRP is a sustainable, recyclable, non-hazardous material that complies with relevant EU and federal/state regulations.

  • WG Structural Inntegrity

    The topics of crash, high velocity impact (HVI), damage tolerance (LVI), and residual strength are to be bundled in this WG. The sub-working group “Composite Fatigue” (until now affiliated to the WG Engineering) will bring its topics and activities with overlaps to the WG “Structural Integrity” into this working group and will be continued as a sub-working group.

  • WG Sustainability

    The working group sustainability of the Composites United is the exchange platform for all relevant sustainability topics in the field of fiber-reinforced composite materials and aims to inform about current state of the art and relevant research programs in the field recycling and toxicity. Its goal is to find solutions to improve the circularity and sustainability of composite materials.

  • WG Thermoplastic Composites

    The WG deals with all issues relating to the processing of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. The entire process chain is considered, from the input materials fiber and matrix, through semi-finished product production and the component manufacturing process, to final processing.

  • WG Tool and Mold Making

    In order to discuss the breadth of possible solutions and innovations as well as important aspects of an economically and technologically sensible design of tools and molds in a large circle, the Tools and Molds Working Group offers an ideal discussion platform.

  • WG Yarns and Textiles

    In the working group “Yarns and Textiles”, textile technicians and engineers from the yarn and textile manufacturing industry, textile machine construction, the user sector and industrial and university research work together.