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History of internationalization:


MAI Carbon has developed into an internationally visible lighthouse for the fibre composite technology over the years. Within the Leading-Edge Cluster considerable successes have been able to be achieved, resulting in great innovation leaps and increase in knowledge on the part of the MAI partners.

Nevertheless, topics have arisen in a bottom-up process for strategic orientation, which it makes sense to solve within international collaborations. Additionally the departments of Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV) should be integrated to establish an interregional access to markets. Two regions (South Korea: Carbon Valley and USA: IACMI) have emerged, with whom MAI Carbon will cooperate in future, in order to initiate international inter-cluster collaborations. A sustainable concept with defined contents and framework conditions is to be developed for this in a strategy phase from 2017 - 2018.



Aims of internationalization:


The following objectives are the focal point of the internationalization measure of MAI Carbon in doing so: On the one hand, the technological development should be advanced in the short term, by identifying technology gaps by MAI Carbon and searching for suitable partners internationally. On the other hand, it is very important to advance the strengthening of the international visibility and networking of the partners. Furthermore, the goal is pursued to develop broader knowledge structures and to participate in international developments. This is to be implemented by the development of exchange and collaboration structures of colleges, universities and institutes. A further important element is the development of new markets, to generate value chains in new fields. Economic added values for the different stakeholder groups, especially for the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME), should emerge in the medium term here and new value chains across countries and sectors be initiated. This objective is accompanied by a multi-dimensional location and communication campaign, which will be organised for specific target groups and informs the public about the internationalization project.



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Dipl.-Kfm. Univ. Sven Blanck

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