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Working Group Manufacturing Process Simulation

A steady increase in knowledge about the manufacturing process has been captured by dedicated simulation tools for virtual manufacturing assessment in recent years. In this manner, engineers get, for instance, the opportunity to reduce the number of trial-and-errors in finding optimal process settings and/or analyzing product variants, or to take well-supported design decisions at an earlier stage in the product development.

The CU working group „Manufacturing Process Simulation“ (in German: Herstellprozess-Simulation) organizes exchange meetings & dedicated events to promote and harmonize the development and use of these virtual manufacturing tools within the product development life cycle. Main goals are to increase awareness of the added value of virtual manufacturing to real product development and to establish interconnections in the engineering community of Manufacturing Process Simulation.

Head of Working Group

Dr. Johannes-Mattheus Balvers

Airbus Helicopters


Prof. Mathias Hartmann

Head of technolog Campus hutthurm

THD - Technische Hochschule Deggendorf



Annett Thieme

Project Management, WG Support, Web Platform Carbon Connected

Composites United e.V.

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